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Halton Haven day hospice to be demolished as service relocated on site

Halton Haven’s day hospice is to be demolished with management citing wear and tear and a commitment to “health and safety”.

Viv Culleton, Halton Haven chief executive and manager, said the decision had not been taken lightly but issued an assurance that the service is being relocated within the remainder of the site.

In a statement issued on behalf of the board of trustees, executive team and colleague, she said the day hospice “prefab” building was “failing to be a suitable venue”, adding that “the health and safety of all involved is our priority”.

Viv said the hospice, which is based on Barnfield Avenue in Murdishaw, Runcorn, Cheshire, was working closely with stakeholders and NHS Halton Clinical Commissioning Group, and Halton Haven leaders were committed to keeping the potential for disruption to a minimum.

Demolition of the day hospice will begin on Monday, January 24 and take about a week.

Viv said she apologised in advance for any inconvenience to patients, families, colleagues and other organisations affected.

She said that “on a positive note” the size of the hospice car park will increase, adding she was sure this would be welcomed by all.

Further changes are under way due to “wear and tear” the hospice has endured over the last 40 years.

Viv said: “Further to the demolition of day hospice it is our intention to reconfigure the current position of the kitchen within the hospice along with the passageway that currently connects the inpatient unit to the office areas.

“This work will be incorporated into stage two and stage three within the proposed schedule of work, again the changes are necessary due to some areas within the hospice showing significant wear and tear given the areas are nearly 40 years of age.

“Naturally this is going to prove very costly for the hospice, a consideration that has given rise to a great deal of discussion and concern.

“The hospice remains extremely grateful for the support it receives from the community , stakeholders and the CCG and will always strive to utilise funding and support we receive in the best interest of the community we serve.”

Fundraising events are to be drawn up to support future renovations.

Viv said: “In order to offset some of the unavoidable expense we are now faced with it is our intention to launch further fundraising events throughout the year and potentially introduce a campaign which will target specific structural alterations within the hospice.

“I reiterate daily I am eternally grateful for the support we receive from the residents of Runcorn and Widnes along with corporate support from local businesses.

“My confidence in your ongoing support, kindness, interest, participation and generosity is comforting and reassuring.

“Due to the necessity to move forward with stage two and three we are temporarily making alterations to how we provide certain in-house services, for example catering facilities, please be assured there will be a constant review of any measures we introduce to provide these services, the hospice is committed to providing our patients families and of course colleagues with the very best we have available to us.

“Finally, please be advised there has been a reconfiguration of our family support services in line with the contractual obligations held within our current service level agreement, we will continue to provide a pre and post bereavement service for hospice patients and families.

“My thanks in advance for your understanding and continuing support.”

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