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Hospice Care

The focus of Hospice care is on living and making the very best of every moment that we have.

People come here for all sorts of reasons.  Perhaps they need support after receiving treatment for a life-shortening illness.  Sometimes they need a little help with pain management or perhaps they do come here for end of life care.  When that happens we’re here to provide a safe space to discuss a ‘good death’ and a patients wishes to achieve that.

End of life care doesn’t mean that you stop living or enjoying life.  We have all sorts of events here; weddings, birthday parties, living wakes, entertainers and even visits from school children and therapy dogs.

Our talented catering department will whip you up your favourite meal or help you order in a takeaway to have with family whilst you watch a movie.  You can have a cup of tea when you like and your visitors are welcome to use our visitors kitchen on the ward too.

Hospice care sits outside the NHS.  We do work with GPs, hospitals and other services but we only receive some funding from government sources.  To continue providing care to our community we must raise £1.5 million each year from voluntary contributions and events.

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