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Complementary Therapies

At some time in our lives we may have enjoyed the luxury of an Indian Head Massage or some other therapy.  Remember how relaxing that felt and how good it was to have a good night’s sleep?

We offer complementary therapies as part of our holistic care package.  Each patient’s needs are assessed and a variety of therapies will be offered if it is felt that they would be beneficial to you.  They are used to improve sleep patterns, relieve tension and anxiety and sometimes just as a treat.

The treatments we offer are:


This treatment works using gentle finger pressure on reflex points in the feet.  Each point related to a specific organ or gland and it stimulates blood flow around the body.


The Therapist will channel positive energy by laying hands on or above the body.  During the treatment you will be fully clothed.  Reiki aids relaxation, reduces stress and promotes healing.


Massage is available for foot and leg, hand and arm, or head.  It involves gentle hand movements and may be carried out dry over clothing under a blanket or using aromatherapy oils according to your needs.  It is very soothing and promotes both physical and emotional wellbeing.

Guided Relaxation

By using words and sounds the Therapist will evoke positive mental images, feelings and thoughts.  It aids relaxation and therefore relieves stress.

All our therapies are free of charge and are carried out in dedicated therapy rooms by a qualified Complimentary Therapist.  They are also available on our Inpatient Unit and can be carried out in a patient’s room if required.

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