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Schools, Colleges & Youth Groups

Create your own fundraising event or join one of ours. 

This is your chance to do something that you really like to do or to challenge yourself to achieve something.  If you need some help we have lots of ideas that we can help you with.

You could:

  • Invite us in to come and tell you all about what we do and how your group can visit our Woodland or Activities Shed
  • Invite us to speak to you via Zoom or Teams
  • Nominate us as your Charity of the Year
  • Encourage everyone to get involved in an event and fundraise for us
  • Help out at one of our events
  • Run a stall at a community event and raise funds for us
  • Choose us as your First Give project
  • Be part of our Purple Month project
  • Do something nice for our patients – like planting up a plant pot with flowers
  • Ask us for some Loose Change Boxes and have a competition to see who collects the most in a week or a month
  • Join our Inter-Schools challenge and see how much you can grow £50
  • Hold a non-uniform or pyjama day

These are just for starters and we can’t wait to hear your ideas too!

For more information about how we can support you or to arrange a chat contact Elle e-mail

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