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Halton Haven Hospice isn’t a place full of death – it’s full of life.  We believe in making every day count and making sure that people are able to make choices with their families on their final journey.  We like to say:

We can’t add days to life but we can add life to days

We listen and learn from you and adapt to meet patients’ expectations.  Developments in technology and opportunities mean that everyone is more informed and we work to bring the very best of palliative care to our patients.

Our work provides patients with the relief from pain, stress and symptoms that they may not be able to access at home.  We work with smaller numbers of patients to enable us to provide truly person-centred care.  It is our job to give you back quality of life and time with your loved ones whilst helping you to make decisions about the way ahead.

Please read more about the services that we offer and our FAQs section.  If you need any further help please call us on 01928 712728.

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