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Spiritual Support

Spiritual support is a holistic term for the sources of hope and strength sought by a person whether that be religious belief or a wider concept including family, friendship and love. 

It can also be engendered by animal therapy, music or art.  This support is often sought in times of sadness and pain.

Many people find the support of a faith community or the practise of personal belief or ritual comforting in difficult times.  Part of our holistic care involves spiritual support through our Family Support Team and our Chaplaincy.  It involves sharing a journey with both patients and their families at whatever level they wish to engage.  It can involve fear, dreams and goals.

Here at the Hospice our Chaplain can be seen visiting the In-Patient unit and Day Hospice on a regular basis.  The Hospice can also contact representatives of other faiths or patients may have visits from their own leaders whenever they wish.

Our support is available to both patients, family and carers regardless of faith or non.

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