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How to Request our Help?

Inpatient Services

If you wish to come into our In-Patient unit you may request a referral by your GP, Macmillan Nurse, District Nurse or the hospitals team caring for you.

You are also welcome to visit before making a decision to ask for a referral.  To arrange this please contact the In-Patient Team by ‘phoning 01928 712728 and they will be able to arrange this for you.

Day Hospice

Referrals are accepted from GPs, Macmillan Nurses, Hospitals and other specialist teams in the community.  The Day Hospice Team arrange to meet and assess you and if our Day Hospice meets your needs then we will offer you a 12 week placement.  This will usually be for one weekday.  Up to twelve patients will attend on any day and you will have your own individual care plan discussed and agreed with you.  Throughout the period this will be monitored and amended but changes will never be imposed upon you; we always consult and agree your plan with you.

Occasionally we will extend the 12 week period if it is felt that this is necessary and beneficial to you.  And if you cannot make your way to Halton Haven independently we will arrange transport for you via our minibus.

Family Support

The Family Support Service is primarily aimed at those known to the specialist palliative care team in Halton (i.e. Hospice and Macmillan teams).  The service does, however, have a 10% non-palliative spare capacity that can be utilised, as appropriate, to a maximum of one new external referral per month to support the broader community.

The focus of the Family Support team is to provide an accessible and flexible service tailored to the needs of the individual clients.

For Professionals

More information may be found in our Information for Professionals section or by downloading our booklet below:

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