Volunteering for

Halton Haven Hospice

The Hospice acknowledges the value that all volunteers bring to our organisation, and we are appreciative of the range of skills and experience they provide, the time they give, and their individual support of the Hospice.

Applying to be a volunteer for Halton Haven Hospice is open to anyone who has the time to give and the appropriate qualities to apply in a particular role.
Volunteering can provide good experience for those people looking for a worthwhile, fulfilling pastime, to improve their CV (Work History), and also to help regain confidence in those who have been affected by unemployment. Volunteering can be fun and rewarding!

The Hospice is looking for reliable and flexible volunteers who are able to commit to regular hours working within various areas of the Hospice, and our shops and furniture depot.


If you are interested in volunteering for Halton Haven Hospice in any capacity other than Lottery Collector, please contact Frances or Alison, Volunteer Co-ordinators, on 01928 712728, or email volunteering@haltonhaven.co.uk for an application form or further information.  Reasonable, approved, out of pocket expenses incurred by Volunteers will be reimbursed, and a full Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be required.