In Patients Unit

The Hospice provides specialist palliative care for people with a life limiting, progressive illness. This service is not just for people with cancer, we care for people with many different conditions. We understand the symptoms and problems that can arise for those dealing with a life limiting illness and the impact that these difficulties can have on you and your family.

 Halton Haven In Patient Clinic


Frequently Asked Questions.

The team offer a wide range of services to both individuals and their families. We are able to offer admission to the In Patient Unit for pain and symptom control, for support following treatment such as chemotherapy/radiotherapy and other treatments that may improve quality of life such as blood transfusions. The Hospice aims to provide this support at any stage of an illness not just the final days or weeks.

We also aim to look after you and your families other needs, whether these are emotional, psychological or spiritual. Our Hospice team is highly experienced in assisting with any concerns you may have.

The Hospice has its own Chaplain. If you wish we can also arrange visits from other clergy with whom the Hospice has links and/or your own religious leader in the community. The Quiet Room which is a dedicated space for personal reflection and prayer, has religious materials available to support this.

Our In Patient Team consists of Doctors, Nurses, Physiotherapist, Complementary Therapist, Family Support, Chaplain and Pharmacist.

You will be allocated a Key Worker, normally a nursing Team Leader (Sister) who will be responsible for your care throughout your stay. They will be supported by Registered Nurses and Healthcare Assistants, as well as the rest of the Clinical Team.

You can also have family members or friends assist in your care. However, we recognise that they sometimes need a rest from their caring role and this would be respected. We are happy to either work in partnership with them or take full responsibility for your care needs. Whatever you decide.

Our care is patient led and patient focused. We will consult with you throughout your stay and be guided by your personal views, beliefs and wishes. You will have the opportunity to discuss your care and treatment options with the medical and nursing staff on a regular basis.

If you feel you may benefit from this service you can request your General Practitioner, Macmillan Nurse, and District Nurse or the hospitals team you are under the care of to make a referral on your behalf.

You are also welcome to visit:  to arrange this simply discuss this with any member of the In Patient Unit Team here at the Hospice.

The In patient Unit has twelve single rooms all with en suite facilities. Three rooms have direct access to the garden through French doors. Four other rooms are large, three of these have showers and one has a large disabled en suite. All the rooms have their own TV/DVD and Radio/CD player.

We want our patients and their families to feel comfortable as much as possible during their stay with us; we pride ourselves on the atmosphere at our Hospice and try to ensure that those in our care are comfortable during their stay.

We have an ‘open visiting’ policy; so you are not restricted to set times, there is no limit to how many visitors who can come to see you. We are both child and pet friendly.

Our staff understands that we all have our own daily routines and we try to fit around these as much as we are able. We do not have set times for your day to commence nor do we conduct formal doctors’ rounds.  Our doctors will see you to review and discuss your care on a regular basis. Your day will be tailored around your needs.

If you wish to attend your Hospital appointment we can help you with this. If you require an ambulance we will arrange this for you, however, where possible we would suggest a family member takes you as this would reduce the waiting time. If you do not feel well enough to attend please discuss this with the nursing staff who can then postpone or cancel the appointment for you.

In these circumstances the doctor will discuss this with you and your family. If you feel following this discussion you wish to be transferred to hospital, this will be arranged by the Hospice.

There is no straightforward answer as for some people who are very poorly there would be no benefit. In addition some people have decided that they do not want to be resuscitated and have informed us of this. We would respect these wishes.

The Hospice does not have full resuscitation facilities and would, in the event of an unexpected emergency, call 999 and whilst awaiting the ambulance commence basic CPR as appropriate.

Please discuss this with the Doctor if you have concerns.

The average length of stay for most individuals is around two weeks depending on the complexity of the problems the person is experiencing. For some people, issues are easily resolved and they are able to return home quickly. For others their needs may be more complicated and the stay may be longer. We are not able to offer routine long term care.

Your discharge will be planned with you and your family to ensure you have the right level of support at home. This planning is often started from the day of admission to ensure all the key people are informed and any necessary additional support can be put in place ready for discharge.

Other patient and visitor facilities include:

  • Lounge
  • Conservatory
  • Visitor’s room
  • Quiet room
  • Therapy Room
  • Bathroom (with hydrotherapy bath)
  • Shower room
  • Gardens and outside seating areas