Men’s Shed Project Halton Haven Hospice

Welcome to the Men’s Shed Project Halton Haven Hospice

For further details contact the hospice on: 01928 712728 or email paul.allanson @haltonhaven.co.uk

Halton Haven is the first hospice in the country to have a men’s shed.

This innovative approach to meeting local need was sparked by research into the experience of bereaved men by clinical nurse specialist Pauline Hatchard.

Pauline’s work showed that bereaved men are very often not interested in the traditional family support offering of formal counselling or listening.  The data from the Family Support Team backed this up.

The Hospice researched the idea, originally from Australia, of creating a Men’s Shed where man could feel at home, work on projects of their own choosing at their own pace.  A place of leisure where men come together to work.  The relationships which men can build, in a way that is natural for them, can have huge health benefits and meet the unanswered needs which bereavement brings.

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What is the Men's Shed?

The Men’s shed project is a place for bereaved men of any age where they can have the opportunity to try something new or do something that they have allways wanted to do but never quite got around to doing it. The Men’s shed is a place for men to relax, take time out or pursue a hobby all whilst meeting like minded men.

The Men’s Shed has a range of woodwork benches, computers, kitchen, television, library and lots of friendly banter from men and staff who are always on hand  to help you as and when required.

What Can I Do?

  • Read a newspaper or magazine.
  • Create and maintain a raised bed
  • Start a hobby or develop an interest.
  • WoodWork.
  • Painting with oil, acrylics or water colours.
  • Learn digital photography.
  • Learn to cook a meal.
  • Model Making.
  • Learn how to use a laptop, Ipad or Computer.
  • And much more!

Is It For Me?

Life can sometimes throw our plans, ideas and dreams out of the window. The Men shed project was created with you in mind offering a place to go where you can have some time and space to reflect and think.

It may give you a new purpose, some new ideas, become involved in our projects and create new friendships.

We aim to make your time at the Men’s shed wlecoming, enyoyable and safe. You can choose from a number of activites throughout the day or simply relax and enjoy the company of others.

How to arrange an informal tour and introduction?

Contact the hospice on 01928 712728 for more information or email paul.allanson@haltonhaven.co.uk

Popular Activities

Wood Work


Wood Turning


Once you go inside, the shed concept becomes more apparent with a range of tools and workbenches for the men to use. Other facilities include computers, a kitchen for those who want to learn to cook, the opportunity to learn photography or develop gardening skills. As the project develops other activities will include painting, model making, researching family history and we hope within a couple of years to open a shop to sell the items which the men have either grown or made. However, it’s absolutely fine if all a man wants to do is sit and have a cup of tea with his new mates. The activities which take place will be led by the men. They have already, for example, decided that one thing they don’t want is a TV. They can watch all the TV they care to at home. The shed is for doing and being.

The project is for men of any age and has one simple criterion: they must be bereaved or soon to be bereaved ie close to someone with a life limiting illness which is in its final stages.

The original shed opened in July 2013 we quickly outgrew this and we have just opened the Metashed which is a fully kitted out additional workshop for the mens use. A huge thank you to Metsa based in Widnes who designed and built the new shed for us.