Hospice Refurb Appeal

Halton Haven Hospice, the Runcorn-based adult hospice which provides specialist palliative care to local people with terminal conditions, are appealing to local peoples, companies and organisations to help refurbish their Inpatient Unit.


In addition to the local people who use the Haven’s other services, around 200 patients are cared for in the twelve private rooms of the Inpatient Unit every year. And whilst the care provided by the nurses and doctors to the patients in these rooms is second to none, the hospice is now at a point where these rooms need to be refurbished. Some rooms need to be moved to provide patients with a brighter and more appealing view from the window, and others simply need to be redesigned and redecorated. The patients’ coffee room, quiet room and nurses’ room will also be moved, along with storage and equipment rooms.


The refurbishment will create brighter and more comfortable rooms which are better suited to the patients’ needs. The refurbished Inpatient Unit will have a more modern, welcoming and positive atmosphere as a result, and improve the patients’ experience of their time at the hospice.


The total cost of the refurbishment is estimated to be £30,000.


The plans cannot be made possible without the support of the local community and the hospice is appealing for donations. Should anyone wish to help make the refurbishment possible, they can make a donation at www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/haltonhavenhospice/inpatientunitrefurb or contact the Hospice directly on 01928 712 728.


Those who donate to the refurbishment appeal will have the opportunity to win prizes, among other benefits:


  • Those who donate £1,000 or more towards the Inpatient Unit refurbishment will have their name included on a commemorative plaque to be placed in the Hospice at the completion of the refurbishment.


  • For donations of £2,000 or more, the benefactor will have the opportunity to choose a flower as a name of one of the rooms, as well as their name and their chosen flower appearing on the commemorative plaque.


  • Donations of £5,000 or more will give the benefactor the option of naming a room or another area of the Inpatient Unit after their chosen flower, in addition to having their name and flower on the plaque.


  • Every person who makes a donation of any value will be entered into a draw to win a hot air balloon ride or a professional photography shoot.


When making a donation, please ensure you provide your contact details so the Hospice can contact you with regards to the prize draw, the commemorative plaque or the naming of a room.


Should the hospice raise over £30,000 (and up to £50,000) the additional funds will allow them to decorate and brighten the other areas of the Inpatient Unit such as the patient lounge and corridors, and have a more welcome and brighter reception area.


For more information on the refurbishment or how you can support, please contact Jan Gray or Chris Andrews on 01978 712 728, jan@haltonhaven.co.uk or chris.andrews@haltonhaven.co.uk, or visit www.haltonhaven.org.uk/inpatient-unit-refurbishment-appeal.