Hospice Appoints New Chair of Board

Halton Haven Hospice has appointed Phil Hallam as its new Chair of the Board of Trustees after Neil Townsend stepped down from the role.


Phil, aged 59 from Chester, is a retired GP who worked in Widnes for 29 years and whose patients were often cared for by the Hospice if they were living with end of life conditions. Having been on the board for three and a half years, Phil’s new role will see him head up a team of seven other trustees who are tasked with continuing the organisation’s success.


Phil said, “I am delighted to have been selected as Chair of the Board of Trustees of Halton Haven. I believe that a hospice provides a vital service in delivering end of life care to a community, and Halton is fortunate in having a hospice within the borough. I look forward to working with fellow board members and the senior management team of Halton Haven in continuing the progress made by my predecessor, Neil Townsend.”


The Board of Trustees is responsible for the strategy of the Hospice, ensuring it has a clear set of goals and is working towards reaching those goals within legal and financial parameters.


Shaun Pollard, Chief Executive of Halton Haven Hospice, said, “It’s great to see another new chapter in the Haven’s history beginning to unfold. Phil not only brings the medical expertise which you would expect to find with such a senior GP, he also knows the Borough of Halton and its people really well from his long years of service in Widnes. He will lead our Board in providing the strategic direction for the Hospice.”


The Hospice is currently looking for two more people to join their Board. An effective trustee would be a professional who can bring skills, attributes or experience to the running of the Hospice. For more information, please contact Shaun Pollard, Chief Executive Officer, on 01928 712 728 or shaun.pollard@haltonhaven.co.uk.


For further information about Halton Haven Hospice, please visit www.haltonhavenhospice.co.uk.