Family Support Team

Halton Haven Family Support TeamThe Hospice’s Family Support Team has a wide range of skills and experience which they use to provide you with practical and emotional support and advice. This is a non judgmental and confidential support service.


Family Support Team

Frequently Asked Questions

To provide you with the opportunity to talk about your feelings, how you are coping with your illness and its impact on your life. Often it is particularly difficult to talk to those who are closest to us because we are concerned about how they are feeling and coping and are not able to fully express our own fears and concerns to them.

Whilst opportunities exist to talk to the Day Hospice and In Patient Teams when you are accessing these services it can be helpful to have the additional support of this experienced team.

Yes. The Team has expertise in this area and can help you determine your wishes. This may be making a will, deciding where and how you want your care to be delivered as your needs change, they can also help you to plan your funeral.

You will normally meet one of the team first to discuss your personal needs. Following this you will be offered the opportunity to meet with them again or to be referred to another member of the team who has the skills to meet your needs.

Our team are here to help you; they will see you privately so you can talk one to one. They will accept you as you are, be non judgmental and can help you find ways of coping with problems. You can have a five minute chat or regular meetings the choice is yours. It’s a chance to look at your own feelings, gives you a safe place to be, what you talk about is up to you.

They can also meet with the Family Support Team and access our full range of services. We recognise they have natural concerns about you and your illness and need support as well.

If you are an In Patient or Day Hospice attendee you will be offered this service automatically.