Advance Care Planning Team


The Advance Care Facilitator and the Project Support Officer make quality improvements in the provision of End of Life Care within Halton by facilitating the implementation of National End of Life Care tools across the Borough.

These tools include the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) and Preferred Priorities for Care (PPC) and a key element will be working with stakeholders to establish awareness of these tools, generating interest from GP Practices, Care Homes and other key stakeholders, providing information, guidance and education to support best practice in care delivery at end of life.

Gold Standards Framework (GSF)

The GSF Framework is a systematic evidence based approach to optimising the care of patients nearing the end of life delivered by generalist providers. It aims to improve quality and coordinated care in primary, secondary care and care homes.

Preferred Priorities of Care (PPC)

This is a patient held record designed to support and facilitate patient choice in relation to end of life care. This document enables patients to make informed choices about their preferred treatment and place of care and may lead on to advanced care planning such as power of attorney, will making and funeral planning.

The team is available via e-mail debbie@haltonhaven.co.uk